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B&S provides tailored solutions throughout the supply chain, linking suppliers and customers that would otherwise find it difficult to connect. We use our knowledge and experience to develop practical solutions to clients’ day-to-day challenges. We focus on supply chain complexities in the consumer goods sector and hold leading positions in attractive channels and specialized markets. With an unmatched and unique assortment in the categories: Food & Beverages, Liquors, Health & Beauty and Electronics, we can offer our clients a wide scale of products. Anywhere. Anytime.
With B&S you are in good hands.

Our core business

We provide capillary distribution services for hard to reach places including maritime, remote and specific Retail (B2B) markets, acting as a one-stop shop with over 30,000 products. Using our supply chain expertise, and backed by our powerful sourcing relationships, we build tailor-made solutions for our customers who otherwise may have no access to A-brands and drive sales for our suppliers in their non-core markets. We are working daily to serve all our customers and suppliers worldwide.

Serving our customers and suppliers

With our suppliers, we engage in mutually beneficial relationships, seeking to simply the supply chain whilst enabling them to grow their business by providing them with access to niche markets, market intelligence, customer expertise and marketing support. To our customers, we offer a product portfolio over 30.000 products at competitive prices whilst adhering to strict compliance standards and arranging customs handling and transportation to locations that are often hard to reach.

No matter which service we’re providing, our goal remains the same as it did when we started 145 years ago: to provide our customers and suppliers with reliable, long-term solutions, while continuing to grow their business, and our own. This is what we stand for.

The depth of our relationships

There is no other company in the world like B&S. We are the only one operating in so many channels, active in so many countries and has such a unique assortment. Our unique insight in specialty channels and markets make us a valuable business partner. Successful and long-term relationships require trust, transparency and understanding. Our customers and suppliers work with us for many reasons.


We offer our customers and suppliers:

  • Brand visibility and market access
    We provide A-brand producers with brand visibility and market access in specialty channels.
  • Complex logistics excellence
    Our customers can rely on us to deal with the complex supply for their operations.
  • Direct supply & full service
    We offer tailor-made solutions to major cruise liners and ship chandlers.
  • Capillary distribution
    Our suppliers can outsource their business to us, and we can supply not just their assortment, but add our full basket.
  • Specialized government & defence
    Our extensive logistics knowledge resulted in the status of long-standing supplier for several peacekeeping missions.

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